EBEEM March 2019

Information to applicants

The European Board Examination of Emergency Medicine (EBEEM) will provide evidence that a successful candidate has demonstrated in a summative assessment that they are able to function as an independent emergency practitioner in any country in Europe.

An emergency department sees unselected patients of all ages with a wide range of conditions, a proportion of whom are admitted to the hospital. In order to provide the appropriate experience, we would advise that candidates work in an ED which sees around 30,000 new patients per year, but in smaller departments and if case mix is appropriate, this number may be less but still provide appropriate experience. Applicants are expected to evaluate their experience against the European Emergency Medicine curriculum, and determine their preparedness to take the exam. Demonstration of competence does depend on having had appropriate experience, and experiential learning is key to acquiring clinical skills.

Demonstration of eligibility for the examination depends on providing evidence of experience and training in emergency medicine. If a formal training programme is not available in the country of practice, evidence of personal development activity in matters relating to emergency medicine and evidence of competence in all aspects of the European EM curriculum should be provided. In particular you should ensure you have had experience of acute medical and major traumatic presentations in all age groups and including mental health and children’s presentations.

Please make sure you choose the right exam category between ‘Part A’ and ‘ITA’ exam under ‘This application is for…’

ITA- (In-training assessment) is the same as the Part A exam. It is intended to candidates who are still in training and have worked for less than 36 months in the emergency department.

ITA is also accepted as the final exam for Belgian and Maltese EM specialist trainees.

If you decide to take the ITA instead of the Part A exam the only difference is that with ITA you can't go further to the Part B exam and it is also cheaper than the Part A exam.

We won’t make modifications in the exam category after application form has been submitted.

Please also make sure you read the Terms and Conditions for this application before you continue, as these contain useful hints on how to apply.

Fees for the Part A exam are as follows:

€100 pre-registration fee plus one of the following:

  • Base fee: €600
  • Candidate is currently working in a country whose national society is a member of EUSEM: €500
  • Candidate is currently working in a country whose national society is a member of EUSEM AND Candidate is an individual member of EUSEM: €400
  • Candidate is currently in training AND Candidate is currently working in a country whose national society is a member of EUSEM AND Candidate is an individual member of EUSEM: €250

In-training assessment fee:

€100 pre-registration fee plus €60.

Exam centre info:

  1. Antwerp
  2. Antalya
  3. Florence: only available for Europe based candidates
  4. Stockholm: only available for Scandinavia based candidates
  5. Malta: only available for Malta based candidates

In order to apply, you need to authenticate with Ortrac.

This application form is no longer accepting new submissions, but if you have already submitted your application, you may still log on to access or complete it.

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    After the registration fee has been paid, your seat for the exam will be guaranteed.